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Kochie’s Guide: How Smart Couples Can Start with Nothing But Love and Laughs and Create Real Wealth


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Research shows that seven out of ten couples argue about money .”.. And we reckon the other three out of ten are lying. Discussing money can be boring, and complicated. So you can either let money problems destroy your relationship or tackle it head on and harness the power of being a couple to not only get your finances under control, but also build real wealth.

Money can’t buy happiness but if your finances are under control it can help your relationship. It allows you to focus on the really important things in life … Like each other, family, friends and passions.” Married for 26 years, with fours kids, their own businesses and a single income for most of their relationship, the Koch’s have seen it all.

They’ve been through highs and the lows having had a terrifically successful company, which last year probably had the worst year it’s ever had. David Koch is not only one of Australia’s foremost business and finance commentators, but also one of that rare breed of media commentator who has a real job. With easy-to-follow steps this book shows couples how to build real wealth and have a few laughs along the way.


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